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"An initiative to promote Computing and STEM education among school girls as a career choice"

Event: A coding event conducted at HCE to teach coding to high school girls students

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Pink Tech Decoded is an initiative to mentor high school girls to pursue computing and STEM careers. Her foundation has coached 400+ girls of diverse backgrounds ranging from rural areas of India to Ivy League students to make computing a career choice for the millennial generation.

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Our Journey

Girl Education

Advocates Girl Education in Remote Areas

At Pink Tech Decoded, our mission is to ensure every girl gets an education in every remote area possible. Our foundation has reached many remote areas to provide resources and encouragement for girls' education. Our mission is to encourage every girl and family to teach their young girls and provide the necessary education.

Coding for High Schools Girls

Promotes High-School Girls for Computing

At Pink Tech Decoded, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in motivating high school girls to learn to code and take computing and STEM as a choice of major in their schools. Our foundation has conducted events to teach basic coding and share success stories to motivate high-schoolers for a computing career.

Mentorship for Women

Mentors college students & early career

At Pink Tech Decoded, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their abilities and gain confidence to fulfill their potential. Our foundation coaches and provides mentorship to college students to smoothly transit from school to the computing industry. Our goal is also to provide mentorship to early-career professionals to help them grow and learn.

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Sakshi, a leading Software Engineer in Robotics, has always championed the cause of women's education. Sakshi founded the initiative 'Pink Tech Decoded' with a hope to spread awareness for girl education and motivate millennial generate to take the path of computing. Sakshi believes in equity, and a right to education for every young girl to bridge the gap of gender bias in education. She has spoken in 20+ technical conferences and seminars to advocate women's education and the importance of women in computing. 
According to Sakshi, "As a leading Women Software Engineer, I aspire to see more women in computing in next decade. They are deciding their majors now, our foundation is helping them to make computing path a career choice"


Sakshi Dubey

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Pink Tech Decoded

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